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Zetpol ® Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) Elastomers

Compounding and Processing

Zetpol polymers are thermo-set elastomer requiring the gum polymer formulated, or combined, with other ingredients in order to obtain the final properties. In the rubber industry, mixing is commonly referred to as "compounding." Compounds are based on 100 parts of polymer. Below is a generalized formulation for a Zetpol formulation:

  • Zetpol polymer - 100.0 phr
  • Fillers - 40.0 phr
  • Zinc Oxide - 3.0 phr
  • Antioxidants - 2.5 phr
  • Cross-linking agents - 5 to 12 phr

A typical recipe is composed of Zetpol polymer, carbon black and/or mineral filler(s), plasticizer, antioxidants, processing aids, and curatives. Selection of these ingredients is based on final compound properties and molding conditions.

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