Quintac and Quintone
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Quintac® SIS and Quintone® C5


Produced by ZEON'S in-house isoprene and piperylene monomer

ZEON CHEMICALS is your resource center for improving adhesives.

The world's top manufacturers of pressure-sensitive adhesives choose Quintac® and Quintone® from ZEON CHEMICALS, the leading producer of specialty elastomers.

Quintac and Quintone are manufactured by ZEON CORPORATION using proprietary Isoprene and Piperylene technology. ZEON combines these innovative technologies with personalized technical service to help customers reach their highest goals.

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  • Offers a wide range of performance and processing benefits
  • Is available in multiple grades for manufacturing flexibility
  • Combines with Quintone resins for excellent physical properties
  • Features several grades with a wide selection of softening points
  • Offers excellent tack, cohesive strength and holding power
  • Combines with Quintac for rubber with a wide range of performance properties

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