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HyTemp AR212HR

Technical Information

HyTemp AR212HR is similar to AR12 but with the enhanced processing characteristics desirable for the extrusion of low-hardness HT-ACM compounds. Applications for this elastomer include extruded high-temperature TDI hose and air ducts. These high-temperature hoses are expected to perform continuously at 175°C /185°C and intermittently to temperatures as high as 190°C / 200°C. They were introduced to fulfill the performance deficiencies of standard ACM and/or AEM TDI Hoses (150°C to 160°C) and provide a more cost-effective alternative to the more expensive current high-temperature solutions such as FKM, VMQ, and FVMQ hoses. These softer hoses also offer benefits in reduced noise, improved vibration characteristics, and enhanced flexibility during aging in service.

Benefits of HyTemp AR212HR can be summarized as:

  • HT-ACMs yield higher retention of property than AEM compounds
  • Excellent long-term aging characteristics – minimal property changes
  • Temperature range –30°C to 175°C with peaks to 190°C /200°C
  • Enhanced scorch behavior and excellent extrusion characteristics
  • Upgrade vs. AEM and standard ACM hoses operating at 150°C /160°C
  • Cost-effective alternative to present high-cost TDI solutions
  • Wide range of hose hardness can be extruded: 50 to 80 Shore A
  • Excellent oil and diesel fuel resistance
  • Suitable for molded and extrusion applications
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