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HyTemp 4454

Technical Information

HyTemp 4454 is a particulate form of HyTemp 4054.  Given its combination of heat and oil resistance common to acrylate elastomers and its physical form, HyTemp 4454 is ideal for use as a binder, adhesive base, and modifier for engineering thermoplastics (ETPs).

Like HyTemp 4054, HyTemp 4454 has excellent low-temperature properties (Tg, -40°C).  Compared with other acrylates, the oil resistance, as measured by swell, is slightly worse.

Its combination of oil resistance and ability to accept high (>200 phr) loadings of fillers have resulted in HyTemp 4454 being widely used as binders for flexible magnets and military flares.

HyTemp 4454 is soluble in several industrial solvents and can be used in adhesive formulations to improve adhesion and/or improve strength of the adhesive.  In addition to solvented adhesives, HyTemp 4454 can also be used in hot melt (PSA) adhesive applications.

ETP Modification
When added at 5-10% to ETPs, HyTemp 4454 provides significant improvement to impact strength (Izod). The improvement in Izod impact becomes more pronounced at higher temperatures.

The carboxyl functionality of HyTemp 4454 makes it ideal for modification of nylon and polyesters.

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