Hydrin ® Polyepichlorohydrin


Polyepichlorohydrin polymers are part of a broader class of elastomers known as Polyethers. This class of materials is characterized by fully saturated, oxygen containing backbones which impart a good balance of properties to their compounds. Pendant to the backbone are chloromethyl groups which are the main cure site and also impart the polymers' beneficial dense nature. Terpolymers have an additional cure site that enables sulfur or peroxide vulcanization.

ZEON CHEMICALS L.P. offer ECO polymers from three different classes of polyepichlorohydrin. These are CO (homopolymer); ECO (copolymer); and GECO (terpolymer). Each type is available in several ranges of Mooney Viscosity. Each has the capability to be blended with the other for property enhancement. Blending can also be done with other elastomers so long as the cure sites are compatible.

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