Zetpol® Hydrogenated Nitrile (HNBR) Elastomers

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Zetpol polymers are high temperature and oil resistance elastomers. Zetpol compounds are formulated to meet demanding market needs with a wide operational range for temperature. When choosing a Zetpol polymer for a specific application three criteria to keep in mind for excellent performance are acrylonitrile content, hydrogenation level and polymer Mooney Viscosity. The acrylonitrile content affects the fluid resistance as well as low temperature properties. Heat, chemical and ozone resistance are influenced by the level of hydrogenation level. Lastly, compound processability is an important factor and selecting the proper polymer viscosity will affect both flow and final properties.

There are several specialty polymers in the Zetpol product line. One product, Zeoforte ZSC has high physical properties coupled with excellent abrasion and toughness. ZSC polymers have low hysteresis making this polymer a good choice for applications addressing heat build-up and abrasion resistance.

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