Zeotherm ® TPV

Zeotherm® TPVs Offer Expanded Processing Options to Save You Time and Money

Zeotherm TPVs provide the fast cycle times and elimination of mixing and curing (in-mold + post-curing) that you expect from thermoplastics and TPVs.

With Zeotherm TPVs, you can create parts through blow molding, extrusion, and injection molding. For more complex designs, Zeotherm's polyamide plastic phase provide many opportunities for injection overmolding and blow molding of components combining soft and rigid sections (e.g., 3D sequential).

The following guidelines are provided as general recommendations for processing Zeotherm TPVs. Prior to processing Zeotherm TPVs in your factory, please review the Material Safety Data Sheets.

Because Zeotherm TPVs are based on a plastic phase of polyamide, it is necessary that Zeotherm pellets be dried thoroughly prior to processing. Failure to properly dry Zeotherm can cause poor process control and poor part-to-part uniformity. Please refer to the recommended drying conditions noted in the processing guidelines.


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