Zeotherm ® TPV

Heat resistance up to 175° C

  • Zeotherm TPVs are designed to provide long-term, continuous heat resistance to 150°C.
  • Conventional TPVs (such as EPDM//PP) begin to fail above 125°C.
  • Copolyesters suffer failure above 140°C.
  • Part designers using Zeotherm can often enjoy the benefits of TPV processing and cost savings without converting a heat-critical part to thermoset rubber or metal.
  • Zeotherm TPVs withstand air and fluid spike temperatures – short-term bursts of higher heat – up to 175°C.
  • Components made of Zeotherm also benefit from its low-temperature resistance to -40°C.
  • Zeotherm TPVs have superior heat resistance vs. copolyesters.
  • The stable modulus over a wide temperature range makes Zeotherm ideal for dynamic applications.

Designed for today's more demanding automotive and industrial applications, Zeotherm TPVs are your best choice to withstand aggressive fluids and hotter environments. Imagine the advantage of a material that can withstand temperatures as hot as 175°C and as cold as -40°C, without having to resort to thermoset rubber or metal.

  • Higher heat resistance to hot air and fluids than conventional TPVs and copolyesters
  • Better strength and stability when hot as compared to copolyesters
  • Excellent spike temperature resistance to 175°C
  • Superb low-temperature performance to -40°C
  • Resists deformation to 190°C

Zeotherm is an excellent choice for creating components that stand up to hot environments:

  • Routing near exhaust manifolds or exhaust pipes
  • Confined, under-the-hood areas
  • Hot turbochargers
  • High-output diesel engines


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