Zeotherm ® TPV 

Choose Zeotherm® TPVs For the Toughest Environments

Zeotherm TPVs are a performance upgrade in heat- and oil-resistance compared to EPDM//polypropylene-based TPVs and copolyesters. And, versus thermoset rubber (e.g., AEM, FKM, VMQ, etc.), Zeotherm TPVs can be a cost savings with comparable functional performance. Additionally, Zeotherm TPVs allow for part consolidation via their superior overmold adhesion to polyamides and polyesters.

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Automotive Applications

The trend toward smaller, hotter engine compartments in today's automobiles and trucks and the use of more aggressive oils and fluids demand a higher level of heat and oil resistance from rubber and plastic components.

Industrial Applications

Zeotherm 100 Series TPVs combine the time-saving benefits of conventional TPVs with the oil and heat resistance (up to 175°C) and hardness range of high-performance thermoset elastomers.

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