Zeotherm ® TPV

Thermoplastic Vulcanizates

Zeotherm TPVs excel where conventional TPEs and copolyesters fail. Zeotherm® TPVs are the world's highest-performance thermoplastic elastomers designed to withstand long-term exposure to temperatures and aggressive automotive fluids. Developed for easy thermoplastic processing, Zeotherm suits a wide range of applications.

Zeotherm is composed of a heat and oil resistant polyacrylate (ACM) elastomer dynamically vulcanized and dispersed in a polyamide, plastic matrix. The result is a series of TPVs with the processing ease of thermoplastics and the physical properties of high-performance thermoset rubber. Extensive long-term testing has proven grades in this series can survive continuous use, in both air and several automotive fluids, at 150°C and short-term excursions to 175°C. Zeotherm 100 Series grades are optimized for injection molding.

Various Zeotherm grades are available with hardness values ranging from 60 Shore A to 90 Shore A. Depending upon the grade, Zeotherm can be formed by many different thermoplactic processing methods including injection molding, extrusion/press blow molding, suction, and extrusion/co-extrusion.

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