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ZEON CHEMICALS is the leading developer and supplier of innovative polymers, including synthetic elastomers and specialty chemicals.

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Synthetic Elastomers and TPEs

HNBR - Zetpol®/Zeoforte®

Zetpol elastomers provide superior heat resistance and fluid resistance in technically demanding service environments. Compounds based on Zetpol and Zeoforte grades can be formulated to give high strength and high performance over a broad service temperature range.

ACM/HT-ACMs - HyTemp®

The most important properties of HyTemp polyacrylate elastomers are heat and oil resistance. Automotive seals, gaskets and hoses represent the largest market area for HyTemp ACM elastomers. The newest advancements in HyTemp ACM technology offer broadened temperature performance, fluid resistance and improved processing characteristics.

ECO - Hydrin®

Polyepichlorohydrin polymers are part of a broader class of elastomers known as Polyethers. This class of materials is characterized by having fully saturated, oxygen-containing backbones which impart a good balance of properties to their compounds.

NBR - Nipol®

Nipol NBR elastomers are made by emulsion polymerization of 1,3-butadiene and acrylonitrile. The polar acrylonitrile provides the useful contribution for product applications requiring oil and gasoline resistance, abrasion resistance, gas permeability and thermal stability.

AFLAS® Fluoroelastomers

AFLAS Fluoroelastomers are the materials of choice for applications performing in some of the most challenging environments, delivering technical reliability and trusted performance.

Latex - Chemistat®

The raw material for your imagination is Chemisat. Opportunities with this product are endless. Chemisat is hydrogenated nitrile latex offering chemical, heat and fluid resistance.

Specialty Polymers and Chemicals

COP - Zeonex®/Zeonor®

ZEONEX is the world’s standard for high-precision optical and medical devices. ZEONOR has broad application in plastic parts demanding excellent transparency, low water absorption and excellent dimensional stability.

SIS - Quintac®

Quintac SIS Hyrdocarbon Resin offers a wide range of performance and processing benefits. It is available in multiple grades for manufacturing flexibility.

Resins - Quintone®

Quintone C5Resin features several grades with a wide selection of softening points. It offers excellent tack, cohesive strength and holding power.

Telene® DCPD-RIM

Telene is a two-component thermoset system based on extra-high-purity dicyclopentadiene (DCPD). Telene is processed using standard high-pressure RIM Equipment (Reaction Injection Molding), and results in a polymer showing a unique combination of stiffness and high impact resistance, as well as good thermal properties, and dimensional stability.

Electronic Chemicals

Electronic Materials

ZEON provides a number of chemicals designed for use in the electronics and semi-conductor fabrication industry including etching gases and resists.