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Company Information - Plant Locations


Kentucky Plant

The Kentucky plant produces a variety of elastomers and polymers under the trade names Nipol®, HyTemp®, Zealloy® and DuoMod®. These high performance materials include solid and liquid nitrile elastomers, polyacrylate elastomers, nitrile/PVC polyblends and modifiers for thermoplastic and thermoset resins. These products are found in many automotive, aircraft/aerospace, marine, oil field, recreation/sporting goods and industrial applications.


Mississippi Plant

The plant located in Mississippi produces a specialized elastomer, Hydrin®. This oil solvent and low-temperature resistant rubber is used extensively in the automobile industry. Because of its impermeability to gases and liquids, it is a primary component of automobile hoses, seals, and gaskets.


Texas Plant

The site of our newest manufacturing facility, located in Bayport, Texas, produces Zetpol® hydrogenated nitrile rubber. Zetpol® is an extremely durable and abrasion resistant rubber with the tensile strength of aluminum. This elastomer exhibits excellent heat, oil, fuel, solvent, chemical, and ozone resistance. These characteristics, coupled with its superior physical and dynamic properties, make Zetpol® an ideal elastomer for oil field, industrial and automotive applications.


R&D Facility

"State of the art" Research and Development building allows our experienced chemical engineers and staff to improve our lives into the next millennium.