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Specialty Elastomers - Carboxylated NBR

Carboxylated Nipol NBR's are used in high abrasion applications, such as rolls, conveyor belting, hose covers, oil well drilling parts, high modulus wear seals and premium footwear soles. Working with carboxylated Nipol NBRs require special compounding considerations. Customary peroxide of sulfur cure systems common to conventional Nipol NBR react identically with the butadiene network in the carboxylated Nipol. However, there are now the acid-base reactions of the carboxylation with metallic oxides, metallic salts, amines and a wide variety of other acid-reactive materials which form a second crosslinking network. Water is the primary catalyst for the carboxyl-metallic reactions and must be treated as an "ultra" accelerator. Many compounding ingredients contain water, and this must be kept in mind when working with carboxylated Nipols. Volatizing the water through heat generated during mixing is the best way of removing it. Always add Zinc Oxide and Amine containing materials in the second pass when mixing in order to avoid scorch issues.

% ACN Mooney
Special Properties/Applications
NX775 27 35-53 0.98 NS Excellent processing with conventional zinc oxides, Fast cure rate. Carboxyl content is 0.083 EPHR. FDA 177.2600 clearance.
1072 27 40-55 0.98 NS Oil resistant mechanical goods with outstanding abrasion resistance. Carboxyl content is 0.075 EPHR. FDA 175.105 & 177.2600 clearance.
1072x28 27 35-55 0.98 NS Precrosslinked version of Nipol 1072. Exhibits very low nerve for extrusion and calendered goods.
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