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Nipol® NBR Elastomers


Nipol NBR elastomers are formulated with common fillers (carbon black and mineral), plasticizers, stabilizers, process aids and curatives. Plasticizers are often used to influence processability of the NBR elastomer compounds. There are many plasticizers to choose from, and elastomer compatibility must be assessed to avoid plasticizer bleeding from the cured system. Reinforcing fillers are used with Nipol NBR to achieve optimum properties. Carbon black and non-black fillers are used, depending on applications and level of physical properties required. A typical formulation is shown below.

Range, phr

Polymer 100
Filler 20 to 175
Plasticizer 0 to 50
Protective Agents 2 to 6
Zinc and/or Mag Oxide 3 to 5
Stearic Acid .5 to 1
Accelerator / Co-agents 1 to 3
Vulcanizing Agents 1 to 4

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