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Hydrin ® PolyepichlorOhydrin


Polyepichlorhydrin elastomers are formulated with common fillers (carbon black and mineral), plasticizers, stabilizers, process aids and curatives. There are certain nuances relating to cure chemistries and cure sites that are easy to understand and accommodate. The main issues relate to using an acid acceptor and remembering that the cure chemistry is acid / base related so that pH of the ingredients is very important. A generic formulation is shown below.

Range, phr

Polymer 100
Filler 70 0 to 130
Plasticizer 10 0 to 25
Antioxidant 1 0 to 2
Process Aid 2 0 to 3
Acid Acceptor / Activator 5 3 to 10
Curative 1 0.3 to 2.0

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