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Recent advances in polyacrylate (ACM) polymer development continue to result in new, easily processed polymers. Selecting the right polymer for a particular application is the most important step to developing a successful polyacrylate application.

The characteristics of ACM are dependent, as with most polymers, upon the monomers that make up the polymer backbone of the particular grade of ACM elastomer. The choice of base rubber is the primary determinant of low-temperature and oil resistance properties. This also determines the choice of cure system. It is necessary to match the cure system with the specific polymer cure-site type.

ZEON CHEMICALS offers ACM polymers from four different families of polyacrylates. A family, as defined here, is a class of polyacrylate elastomers that share common reactive cure-sites and can be vulcanized by using the same, or similar, cure system chemistry.

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