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Applications - Contract Manufacturing Services

ZEON’s contract manufacturing services and capabilities are designed to assist you from the pilot scale evaluation stage through full-scale production.

Our Hattiesburg, MS plant is optimized for solution polymerized products.

The plant is supported by a pilot scale unit that mirrors the polymerization equipment and capabilities of the full-scale production lines. Pilot scale equipment ranges from < 1 gallon in size up to 10 gallons with post-reaction material handling using steam coagulation. The pilot plant is located at the Hattiesburg, MS plant-site.

Technical and production staff at ZEON are available to assist from assessment of the most suitable process for production of your product, to pilot-scale evaluation, and thru full-scale production.

In addition to manufacturing, ZEON’s plants are supported by our Louisville, KY-based Technical Service, Corporate Engineering and Logistics staff.

ZEON's facilities are ISO 9001 certified. 

Please contact to Dawson Wilkerson at ZEON (tel: +1.601.583.5536) to discuss your particular product and production requirements.

Capabilities of Hattiesburg, MS plant

This facility is capable of being operated in either semi-batch or continuous mode operation.  Reactions are run in solution with the resulting polymer either drummed in solution form or coagulated and dried using mechanical dewatering, twin-screw drying, or fluid-bed drying.

The table below outlines the equipment and capabilities of this Mississippi site:

    Pilot Scale Full-Scale
Process Continuous X X
  Batch X X
Catalyst Make Up Tanks X X
Reactor Size 4 gal, 6 gal, and 15 gal >1000 gal
  Agitation CSTR CSTR
  Jacketed Yes Yes
  Cooling Yes Yes
  Heating Yes - Steam Yes - Steam (150 psig)
  Pressure 150 psi (working) / 300 psi (max) 150 psi (working)
Solvent Systems Toluene, n-Hexane
Monomers Current monomers: Epichlorohydrin (ECH), Ethylene Oxide (EO), Propylene Oxide (PO), Allyl Glycidal Ether (AGE)
Plant Metallurgy 316 Stainless Steel 304 Stainless Steel or Better
Finishing Options Coagulation Steam Stripping Steam Stripping
  Finished Form In Solution or Dried into Bales or Crumb Form
  Drying Methods   Mechanical dewatering; twin-screw drying; fluid bed drying