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Composites are widely used in aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, and construction/infrastructure applications. It is often desirable in these applications to increase the toughness of the composite without detrimentally affecting composite flexural or thermal properties.

ZEON'S DuoMod tougheners improve fracture toughness and damage tolerance in thermoset epoxy- and phenolic-based composites. DuoMod can be used in traditional hand lay-up/prepreg processes as well as newer resin infusion and liquid molding (RTM/VARTM) processes.

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Aerospace components: wings, tail sections, interior components, nose cones, etc.

Automotive components: bumpers, bed liners, etc.

Infrastructure: bridge decks

Sporting goods: golf club shafts, tennis rackets, windsurf boards, surfboards, snowboards, fishing rods, etc.

Recommended Polymers

Nipol Carboxylated NBR 

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