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Elastomers from ZEON CHEMICALS are well suited for Automotive Hose applications. ZEON'S selection of heat and oil resistant materials can stand up to the agressive fluids and wide temperature variations seen in todays Automotive applications. From Hydrin in Fuel Filler Neck, to HyTemp in Transmission Oil Cooler, To Zetpol in Power Steering and Nipol NBR in a variety of fuel handling systems, we will help you pick the right Elastomer for any Automotive Hose application.

Additional Applications

Air Duct
Power Steering Hose
Charge Air Cooler/Turbo


Under the Hood
-40C to 150C
Engine Oil
Automatic Transmission Fluids
Air Conditioning Refrigerant

Recommended Polymers

Hydrin Epichlorohydrin Elastomers
Nipol NBR
Zetpol Hydrogenated Nitrile Elastomers

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