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ZEON CHEMICALS is the leading developer and supplier of innovative polymers, including synthetic elastomers and specialty chemicals.

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ZEON'S SIS Block Copolymers with polystyrene end blocks and polyisoprene mid blocks are designed for use in hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives, hot melt adhesives and flexographic printing plates.

Several of ZEON'S polymers find application in aerospace and defense-related products.

Appliances present a number of opportunities for rubber compounds. Nipol® NBR Elastomers are found in drive belts for washing machines, internal parts in refrigerators, and in foot pads on all types of equipment.

Automotive applications for elastomers include many sealing, belting, and hose areas. Materials made by ZEON Chemicals go into seals for engine oil, transmission fluids and coolants.

Composites are widely used in aerospace, automotive, sporting goods, and construction/infrastructure applications. It is often desirable in these applications to increase the toughness of the composite without detrimentally affecting composite flexural or thermal properties.

If you're in the electronics and semi-conductor industry, ZEON has a number of products designed to enhance your components.

Industrial applications cover a wide range of uses including Military and Aerospace applications, Oil-Field and Rolls, and Gaskets, Hose and Seals of all types. These uses often require resistance to hydrocarbon fluids, such as oils, greases and fuels.