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Applications - Aerospace/Defense


Several of ZEON'S polymers find application in aerospace and defense-related products.

The performance of epoxy-based composites can be improved via the incorporation of DuoMod particulate tougheners or Nipol 1472 carboxylated nitrile elastomer. DuoMod is suitable for both pre-preg and resin transfer molding (RTM) processes.

Please call +1-502-775-2023 for detailed information regarding the DuoMod resins.

Zeonex and Zeonor are ideally suited for optical components in commercial and military equipment. Typical applications include IR lenses, flat panel display backlights, and sensors.

ZEON'S Nipol and Zetpol elastomers have wide application in sealing and hose components.


Recommended Polymers

Nipol Carboxylated NBR
Nipol NBR
Zeonex COP
Zeonor COP
Zeonor Film
Zetpol HNBR 

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